The Sourdough Wars

The Sourdough Wars An alternate cover edition can be found here When the heir to the Martinelli family s renowned sourdough starter is murdered before they were to auction it off Rebecca Schwartz is determined to disco

  • Title: The Sourdough Wars
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • An alternate cover edition can be found here.When the heir to the Martinelli family s renowned sourdough starter is murdered before they were to auction it off, Rebecca Schwartz is determined to discover if he died for a handful of dough The she sifts through the tangled relationships of the city s bread making dynasties, though, the closer she gets to the recipe forAn alternate cover edition can be found here.When the heir to the Martinelli family s renowned sourdough starter is murdered before they were to auction it off, Rebecca Schwartz is determined to discover if he died for a handful of dough The she sifts through the tangled relationships of the city s bread making dynasties, though, the closer she gets to the recipe for murder.

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      108 Julie Smith
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    One thought on “The Sourdough Wars

    1. Text Addict

      It's not you, book, it's me. I lost respect for your main character when she and her buddy decided to go speeding after a would-be burglar through the streets of San Franciso, and then led the police on a high-speed chase until the police got in an accident. The fact that they were quite chastened by that does not change the fact that it was a dumbass move to start with. And then they went and got in a stupid argument/fight, and Rebecca's short stint in jail was obviously written to be funny, bu [...]

    2. Thomas

      Enjoyable legal murder mysteryI gave this book four out of five stars, because of believable characters and a well written plot. Rebecca's Jewish mother is overbearing and just what you would imagine. She has some laugh out loud lines.

    3. Dylan Benito

      This book was terrible. The author actually used the term, "the gays." Then joked about how there wouldn't be any rapists in "the gays" neighborhood, but maybe the straight male gentrifiers needed to be worried.Gross. I didn't finish and I suggest you don't start.

    4. Bill

      The Sourdough Wars by Julie Smith is Smith's second book in her Rebecca Schwartz mystery series. She also writes the Skip Langdon and Tabitha Walls' series. Rebecca Schwarz is a lawyer based in San Francisco working in partnership with her friend, Chris Nicholson. This mystery finds them involved in the world of Sourdough bread and bakeries.Both attend a play by acquaintance Peter Martinelli. Martinelli, it turns out, comes from a family that had been successful in the sourdough bread industry, [...]

    5. Rollie Reid

      There are three reasons why I read Sourdough Wars. I grew up in Marin Co. and so the San Francisco angle intrigued me. Second, after spending two years in France I am enamoured with all things bread, and I remember the great sourdough French bread. The third reason is that it was free.I subscribe to Bookbub and Sourdough Wars was one of the daily specials.I am going to cut top the chase and say that if I had paid full price for this book I would feel a little cheated. It is not a bad book, but I [...]

    6. Julie

      I picked this book up at a library sale a few weeks ago. This is a pretty old "cozy " mystery, originally published in 1984. So, naturally there is mention of the current events and issues of that time. But, overall I found that pretty easy to overlook. The mystery was pretty good.Attorney Rebecca Schwartz and her reporter boyfriend Rob, along with Chris, Rebecca's colleague, investigate the death of Chris's lover, Peter. Peter owns a recipe for sourdough that was a family secret and plans to au [...]

    7. Thelma

      The premise of the story is good. The characters, other than the main characters, are interesting enough. It's just that the author seemed to think we know all about the main characters, so doesn't give us any description or insight into them (and yet, I was about half-way through before it came to light the partner of the first-person narrator is a woman). The wonderful city of San Francisco didn't play a big enough role. And near the end, it was all talk, talk, talk, about who did what and why [...]

    8. Rita

      Not so great!This could at some times be entertaining, but was so unrealistic most of the time. I almost quit reading it, but for some reason stuck it out to the end. I did, after all want to know who stole the sourdough starter, and who the murderer was. It was a rather abrupt ending, but my questions had been answered. If you like a quick read and don't mind unrealistic humor, you might enjoy this book.

    9. Scilla

      Rebecca and Chris are running an auction of sourdough starter for Peter Martindale. They have buyers vying for the dough and then the buyers get a warning call telling them not to buy it. Then Peter is discovered murdered after he doesn't show for the auction. Then there is a second murder of one of the prospective buyers. Rebecca works on solving the crimes with her newspaper reporter Rob.

    10. Marti

      This was a short and clever book about four people battling for a cryogenic container of sourdough starter, taking place in San Francisco. It is a race to the death for several of the participants. Rebecca Schwartz is an attorney who is in the running, so to speak. Would this prize be worth it? For the glory, apparently yes!

    11. Terri

      When lawyers, Rebecca and Chris setup an auction of a famous SF Bakery's sourdough starter for a client, they have no idea it would lead to murder. A fast-paced read filled with interesting characters

    12. Nancy

      I found this book somewhat interesting. The San Francisco setting and idea of a mystery centered on rival sourdough bakers seemed intriguing. That someone would kill for sourdough starter seemed implausible especially more than one murder. This was stretching it!!! But where this book really lost me was the irresponsible car chase, the part where the heroine was nearly smothered in a trough of dough and the ending. Why do these detectives always go to confront the killer and find themselves on t [...]

    13. Maureen Hetzel

      Disclosure: I live in San Francisco so am always interested in books taking place in my city. There is comfort in knowing where the action takes place and and checking the accuracy of how that atmosphere of the city is captured. Given all SF loving its sourdough bread, the premise of the story is fune opportunity to resurrect the use of a most famous "starter" for the sourdough. Those vying for the starter all know each other and are part of the industry. The plot has many twists and turns, not [...]

    14. Amy

      Surprisingly homeyHaving grown up in the San Francisco Bay Area (particularly Sonoma County), I really loved this sequel in an already awesome series because of that personal connection. Another quick, fun read that was witty and had me turning the pages like a madwoman! On to book #3!

    15. june

      A good read I would recommend this book to all my fellow readers. I like the fact it was given away in the first chapter. It was a good book, easy to read and a quick read. Gives me time to read some other good books!

    16. Wanda

      I am enjoying this series. Yes, it may not be politically correct but there are parts that just make me laugh. Occasionally you just need to read a book for fun. Thank you for a good time. I look forward to the next book.

    17. Vicky Kaseorg

      Funny and page turnerI loved this book. I have a pretty stressful life and when I read at night, I just want funny, page turners that entertain. This book was exactly perfect for that. Well written, fun characters, light, and made me laugh. Well done.

    18. Magi Kyle

      Interesting storyI liked the story, but it took a bit long to read, because I think it needed to be more catching. It wasn't one of the books were you couldn't put it down. I did a bunch of times.

    19. Joan

      As crime of greed.The story was good, if a bit slow in places. The characters were interesting. They reflected reality. All of us have our odd traits and all of us are greedy in one way or another. Good plot twists. An enjoyable read.

    20. Tiffany

      JuvenileAnother book that could have been really good, but the juvenile remarks destroyed that. The characters were well developed, and the story was pretty good. I wish authors and film makers would realize that we are not all interested in juvenile obsessions!

    21. Nina Mintzer

      A fairly typical cozy book. Premise was Interesting but was a little too talky fot me. It was a quick read and I normally don't think much after reading such a book. It was entertaining for what it wadbut thats about it.

    22. Sotolf Flasskjegg

      this really is a nice little cozy book, I wasn't totally happy with the very American setting, but it was well written and a fun little adventure :) everything was a bit too convenient in the end though and the boyfriend of the mason character was a bit too much of a dick.

    23. Cynthia T Cannon

      Liked this tale of intrigue over bread doughInteresting story of several complicated relationships. Started reading this author's stories set in Louisiana, but find I like this San Francisco story too.

    24. Charlene Bennett

      Fun storyVery light, quick read. But good for a relaxing evening. Rebecca is a very human type of sleuth with the same feelings that the rest of us have. She would be a fun friend.

    25. Tina

      Light ReadAbout the only thing this book did for me was to make me hungry for sourdough bread. Too neatly wrapped up.

    26. Dawn

      The story was ok, it's the storytelling that I didn't live. Very simple style. Quirky, but not in a cute way. Don't think I'll read any more from this author. Glad this was a freebie.

    27. Kate

      So I was 3/4 of the way through this before I realised I'd read the first book in the series. Sort of fun but not really memorable.

    28. Lisa

      Once again, not the greatest mystery, but a quick read and VERY San Francisco. They eat a lot of sourdough bread in the book which made me hungry the whole time. 🥖

    29. Janice Foley

      The book was pretty good. It got a little tedious especially when Rebecca was tying up the loose ends with nothing more than pure supposition.

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